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Iím knockiní on the door. Alone in front of the castle. White is all around me. Softness. Bright light. Even slight music. Instrumentally. Fine voices from behind the wide door. The air smells Ö - I canít describe it. Not sweet or something like that. Comfortable may be.

I look back at the door. Knockin` again. Wait again. Looking around again. Keep my feelings deep in my soul. Convinced I will never be here again.

Nobody opens the door. No fine creature. I donít see velvet wings. The holy light around one of that wonderful beings. I turn around. Stare back in black clouds. Without my willing my legs move. Drawing me to that swamp made of grief and sorrow.

Heavy drops are falling down. Making my clothes damp and clutching on my cold skin. Grey rain is mixed up with tears born from hurting desperation and running down my cheeks.